the mission

We’re starting a men’s health revolution with you at the heart of it.


Transform your daily grooming routine with Two Dudes award-winning natural men's products. You'll also be helping dudes everywhere, with 10% of the profits donated to men's health charities.

Two Dudes was originally started by Tom (Dude One) and Michael (Dude Two) as an online skincare subscription business out of our garages in November 2020. It was a side hustle as we both still had full time jobs. 

Since then Two Dudes has grown to be more than just two dudes. It’s now a community of thousands of men looking after themselves and others simply by choosing to use Two Dudes products.


Why is it called Two Dudes?

Obviously there are two dudes that started the business. But by choosing to use Two Dudes products you’re looking after yourself and another dude (through our charities) simply by going about your daily routine. That’s two dudes.


Recently rated by Sports Illustrated as the #1 men's grooming brand from the Southern Hemisphere.

To find out more about our partner charities, click on their logo:
 Men's Health Trust New Zealand - Givealittle
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