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male skincare was complicated.

we fixed that.

10% of all profits go to support men's health organisations.

Each product sold has a positive impact on much more than two dudes. So when you lather up with a two dudes product, pat yourself on the back.

Made in New Zealand.

All two dudes products are made right here, in the land of the long white cloud.

Using science & nature.

We're big on natural and organic ingredients. No parabens. No sulfates. No allergens. No harmful chemicals.

Without cruelty.

All products are strictly tested on real dudes. Not animals.

What's in the kit?

Our essentials kit is a premium 3 man all-star line up for your face. Suitable for dudes of all skin-types. Simple instructions included.


Free shipping on all subscriptions.

Money back guarantee.

Cancel anytime.

The re-stock box.

Every couple of months (or whenever you want) we send a re-stock box so you never run out of anything you need to look, and feel your best.

Flexible shipping.

You have total control over when your skincare shows up. Move your box date forward, or push it out. Too easy.


So what's the catch?

There isn't one. Seriously.
You're always in control. Still unsure? Keep reading.


  • Should I be using skincare?

    Are you a dude that's never really used skincare before? That's absolutely no problem. That used to be us, too.

    The skin is the largest organ in the human body, and your face is the most visible part of that body. You can't turn back time, but the sooner you start using a skincare routine the sooner it can do wonders to keep your mug looking great for the long term.

  • What does skincare actually do?

    Your face is the most exposed skin on your body, and for many of us it can be quite sensitive, oily, dry, or flaky. Even if your skin is perfect now, we all take a hammering over time by things like sun, dirt, pollution, and other chemicals floating in the air.

    Skincare helps you fight against these effects by cleaning, protecting, and restoring your face from whatever the world throws at you. Except bricks. Our skincare doesn't stop bricks.

  • I'm a dude with a beard. Do I need this?

    If you have a beard, using our daily face wash becomes even more important (beards tend to trap stuff under their greatness).

    Moisturising is also still essential to look after your face. With less visible skin, you'll likely use less product each time so your creams will last longer.

    You can easily adjust your shipping schedule and tell us when you're ready for more.

  • Don't skincare routines take like 20 minutes per day?

    Our essentials kit is a two step process. It's two steps, two minutes, twice per day.

    We know you don't have time for a complicated skincare routine. That's why we made two dudes.

  • How often will this box of goodness be delivered to my house?

    We designed each product in our essentials kit to last 60 days, but you might forget a few days, or your significant other might steal some. It's all good.

    You tell us how often you'd like it dropped at your doorstep, and we'll deliver it then. Skip or cancel anytime.

  • Is this like one of those contract gym memberships that's impossible to cancel?

    Nope. Cancelling is only one click away. We dislike break ups as much as the next dude, but we understand that sometimes things just don't work out.

  • Are there membership fees, cancellation fees, or other hidden costs?

    No, and there never will be. Just like you, we hate sneaky fees.

  • I want to test it out before I subscribe. Can I just buy a one-off?

    For sure. Just click "one-time purchase" when you're adding our essentials kit to your cart.

  • Wait, I still want to know more...

    No worries. You can message us directly on Facebook or Instagram @twodudesproject. Alternatively, send us an email

Ready to be bold, and take better care of yourself?